Pursue job-oriented course

Australia is known for quality education. Our friendly and experienced staff will provide you suitable advice and course based on student’s specific goals.

Comprehensive Counseling

Our qualified counsellors will help you take the right decision, which course, where to enrol, how to enrol etc.

Representing reputed Universities

Associated with high reputed institutes, schools and universities across the Australia with the aim to provide you quality education

Simplifying migration process

We have a team of high-educated migration consultants on board, helping students to move to a new country with ease.

World-class Accommodation

We will arrange best accommodation and airport pick up services for students to give them and their family a peace of mind.

On-going Support

Need an Australian visa to pursue higher education? We will answer all your queries and give you an opportunity to study here.

Take a Step Closer To Your Dream Destination


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Our World-Class Services

Providing top-class education and migration services to help you live your dreams without any hurdle or hindrance.

On-going Support

Our in-house team of experts guides you throughout your migration and education journey

Course Enrolling

Our consultants will help potential students in lodging their application and enrolment

Visa Application

Assisting students for the visa applications in Australia or at their home country

Course Consulting

Helping international students in providing job-oriented courses in Australia based on their specific needs

Guardianship Services

Arranging guardianship services for those who are under 18

Accommodation and Airport Pick Up

Provide Airport pick up and accommodation facilities for the international students

Visa & Migration

Our migration agents provide you thorough visa extension and migration enquiry

About IES Sydney

With over a decade of experience, we have helped thousands of international students in achieving their education goals in Australia. We assist them, consult them and help them in fulfilling their dreams of attaining international education. Our experienced and qualified staff will help you throughout your migration and education journey in Australia.


Why Us?

Being one of the leading education and migration service providers, IES Sydney prides itself in building future for potential students who want to pursue international education. We provide realistic, professional and expert guidance while preparing your long-term migration plan to help you settle in a new country with ease. We have been tied up with some of the best English Schools, High Schools, Vocations, and Universities across Australia. We are here to make your journey a bit easier.

Delivering best education and migration services to the International Students


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Potential students across the world aspire for quality education. We, at IES Sydney, aims at promoting Australia’s education sector by encouraging more students to live their dreams here.


Moving to a new country for studies has never been an easy task. We can help you set up in Australia with ease.


Providing top-class education and migration services to help you live your dreams without any hurdle or hindrance.


We will arrange homestay services when students come to stay in Australia. We will provide you best accommodation with basic amenities.

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